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Emma Warley

Alternative wedding photography from Emma Warley Photography.


Creative wedding, portrait and event photographer covering Yorkshire and the rest of the UK.



'She rocks up with her pink hair, looking fabulous, and performs sneaky cam techniques all day long. She never seems to get tired, she's lovely with everyone she meets and she captures each and every moment of your amazing day.'

Steph & Jock





'Emma was like a stealth ninja photographer at my wedding, she captured moments that I didn't even know were happening! The main thing for me though was she really captured the sense of fun  being had by all which was my main aim for the day. Playtime was definitely our theme!'  

KT & Bush




'Emma manages to put her subjects at ease (no mean feat as her subject was only about 15 months at the time) and effortlessly capture the cheeky spirit of my daughter.

Kate & Adrian & Daphne






'Emma is a total natural- her photography tells a story, which for our wedding day was fantastic. She captured 'the moment' - those rare, precious real emotions of joy, love, elation and contentment that are not posed or scripted. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting 'real' photographs, photos which tell a story and capture the moment!  

Rachael & Mike




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